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Before DCC: Samuel and Nettie Bowne Hospital

In 1910 Nettie Bowne proposed that  a tuberculosis hospital be built on the Pendell farm in Poughkeepsie, New York  in memory of her husband, Samuel W. Bowne, a New York City businessman and philanthropist. The main hospital was dedicated in 1928, and expanded to include three main buildings by 1950. Only the original hospital building, now known as Bowne Hall, still exists.

After World War II  preventative treatments for tuberculosis limited the need for such hospitals, and in August, 1956 the hospital closed. Ten months earlier the Dutchess County Board of Supervisors had appointed a committee to pursue establishing a community college in Dutchess County.

The images below have been scanned from the original negatives used to produce a hospital brochure circa 1935. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version of the image.

bowne_blueprint.jpg (90458 bytes) bowne_porch.jpg (172009 bytes) east_front_of_hospital.jpg (192953 bytes) garden.jpg (145200 bytes)
Blueprint of the main hospital View of the South Porch View of East Front of the Hospital View of the garden
garden2.jpg (179658 bytes) garden3.jpg (140260 bytes) heliotherapy.jpg (186163 bytes) hospital.jpg (183317 bytes)
View of the Garden View of the Garden Heliotherapy Hospital
main_building.jpg (147758 bytes) main_dining_room.jpg (151487 bytes) main_entrance_showing_hospital.jpg (154723 bytes) music_and_books.jpg (192343 bytes)
Main Building Main Dining Room Main Entrance Music & Books
one_of_the_pavillions.jpg (153348 bytes) one_of_the_porches.jpg (151652 bytes) one_of_the_solariums.jpg (158078 bytes) parlor.jpg (174230 bytes)
One of the Pavilions One of the Porches One of the Solariums Parlor
pool_cards_and_letters.jpg (186947 bytes) postcard.jpg (170216 bytes) preventorium.jpg (164028 bytes) radio_and_the_latest_fiction.jpg (185224 bytes)
Pool, Cards & Letters Postcard of Bowne Hospital The Preventorium Radio & the Latest Fiction
sleeping_porch.jpg (178642 bytes) south_wing.jpg (146078 bytes) throat_and_dental_clinic-a_corner_of_the_library.jpg (132011 bytes) violet_ray_treatment_in_the_x-ray_room.jpg (187522 bytes)
Sleeping Porch View of the
South Wing
Throat & Dental Clinic
Corner of the Library
Violet Ray Treatment

Watercolor  from Samuel W. Browne's Memorial Book



Scan Artiste: Jeffery Collins

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